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What is the Fifth World?

The Fifth World is Earth (as exists on the Prime Material Plane), and all other realms that happen to be attached to it: the Celestial Realms (the "Heavens"), Arcadia (the world of Faerie), the Supernal Realms (the "Pure World", versus the "Fallen World" of Earth), Twilight (the world of spirits), the Underworld (the realm of the dead), the Infernal Realms (the "Hells") the Borderlines (everything that falls between the cracks), and the Other World (a twisted, anomalous realm built of the refuse of all of the over realms).

The reason why we need to make the distinction between the "World" and the "Fifth World" is because the universe, as we know it, has "died" and "been reborn" five times. The universe always runs its course, and when it reaches a natural point of stagnation and entropy, the door on its existence is "closed" and the door to its next, hopefully "improved" version is open, thus starting the process all over again. No one knows why this happens: it just does.

A comprehensive timeline describing the specific events that set the Fifth World apart from the Earth that we're familiar with can be found here.

What makes the Fifth World different is the fact that three survivors of the death of the Fourth World are around. In the hopes of making sure that the same mistakes were not repeated, these survivors attempted to shape the events of the Fifth World and prevent the tragedy of their own world from occurring.

Because of their actions (along with some events that were well beyond their control), the Fifth World is a world where the Veil that naturally separates the World of Light and the World of Darkness no longer exists. It is also a world that has survived the Apocalypse. Yes, every World has to come to an end, but in the Fifth World's case, that end nearly came "too soon".

That is, at least, the opinion held by many people. Whether this is true or not is up to debate.

Human beings are not alone: they never have been alone, and they never will be alone. Below is a list of all of the denizens of the Fifth World - basically, the "classes" that exist within the game for character building purposes, and a basic look at the kinds of people that your character will end up meeting throughout the course of the game.

If you want to read a little more about relations between supernaturals and mundanes, go here.

Redeemed Prometheans and the children of Redeemed Prometheans who still have the fires of Azoth burning within their souls. Some Alchemists seek knowledge. Other Alchemists seek to aid their own kind.

The Children of Color, and individuals who have Awakened not to magic, but to the ability to draw on the canvas of the universe.

Those who walk the Manifold Path by merit of their encounter with a Bloodsinger. They live gloriously short and gloriously violent lives, all in pursuit of the impossible: perfection.

Humans who have died, and - while crossing through the Borderlines - ended up splitting their souls in half. They draw their Second Breaths in the company of Personae, the embodiment of their Id, Ego and Superego as based on how they died the first time around.

The ferals, mortals who are human and animal, yet neither human nor animal at exactly the same time. They are the Children of Gaea, and embodiments of the ideals of Mother Nature.

The Lost, touched by the Fae permanently disconnected from the mortal lives that they once led. Their durance defines everything, right down to their beautiful madness.

The result of the (un)holy union between creatures of the Infernal Realms and the sons and daughters of mankind. They've all got a bit of demon in their blood, but that doesn't usually mean that they're evil. Usually.

Also known as Sleepers, or Mundies. 'Deadwalker' is a derogatory term meant to refer to "normal" human beings. These buggers are a lot tougher than they look.

The Awakened ones, the mortals who have risen above the Sleep of Ignorance and are capable of bending the Universe to their will - up to a point, anyway.

Humans and Changeling who have received the Gift of Song from the First Harper. The world is their playlist.

The Created, cobbled together from dead things, given life through Azoth. Prometheans are the Pilgrims, rejected by the very things that help them learn how to be human.

Not to be mistaken for Demonborn, Possessed are human beings who have, quite literally, been possessed by a creature from the Infernal Realms. Many view Possessed as unfortunate idiots who have been turned into meatbags by a diabolical power. It isn't that simple.

The "perfect human beings", and the pinnacle of human evolution. They have no limits save the ones they make for themselves.

Family lines of Hunters who - by merit of generations of fighting and making contracts - have developed a unique set of skills that allow them to deal with their favored enemies.

The Bound, brought from the brink of death by a Bargain they made with a geist. They live their second lives with the strong desire to finish their unfinished business.

The Spirits of the Twentieth Century, capable of speaking to the ghosts in all machines - they occasionally communicate better with technology than they do with living creatures. Nevertheless, in this technologically advanced New Age, these individuals have an amazing advantage over nearly everyone else.

Human beings who have Awakened to a single Gift sleeping within their genetic code. Calling them 'mutants' is putting things way too simply.

Individuals who have trained to use their faith and their devotion to the Lord (Lady) as their weapon.

Vaizards are technically a "lesser template", and are therefore not their own class of supernatural beings. Anyone can become one, with the proper training. Clicking on the link above will lead you straight to our guide on creating a Vaizard.

The Kindred, mortals who have been Embraced and can no longer walk in the sun. Kindred are constantly haunted by the hunger of the Beast within them and the memories of their mortal existence.

The Great Tribe of the People, half-spirit and half-embodied, charged by the mandate of Father Wolf and Mother Luna to police the borders of the World of Spirits and the World of Men.

dragonborn [homebrew]

The result of the love between one of the Awakened and his or her Dragon. They are rare and often unstable creatures due to the amount of power at their disposal and the circumstances of their births.

While it is possible to encounter these beings, the Dragonborn class is not playable for players of this campaign.
qashmallim [homebrew]

Strange beings that are half-embodied and half-djinn. They are the rare anomaly that is always born, for better or for worse, because somebody wanted a Wish to come True.

As there are only two surviving Qashmallim currently living in the Fifth world, this supernatural class is not available for players of this campaign.