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Game & Community Credits.

The layout utilized for [personal profile] geistnet and the affiliated WAKING THE DEAD: WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE communities can be found here, credit goes to [community profile] aliahan.

Here is a credit list for all the codes (in whole or in part) that we've customized for the game:

Codes by [community profile] bannertech.
x - Used for the Vigil 101 Navigation Page.
x - Used as part of the Hunter Dossiers.
x - Used for the documents and select headers on-site.
x - Used for select headers on [personal profile] geistnet and the game communities.

Codes by [community profile] cawaii.
x - Used for the Character Creation Guide navigation.
x - Used as part of the main navigation page.
x - Used as part of the main navigation page.

Codes by [community profile] pagans.
x - Used for the NPC and PC cast listing.

Codes by [community profile] tookthestars.
x - Used for the officers list, and as part of Balamb-related pages.

Codes by [community profile] vuvuzela.
x - Used as part of Day Change posts.

Codes via [community profile] dreamcodes.
x - Used for the Game Calendar.